How traveling changes you mentally

Sometimes life feels boring, everyday looks the same, and you don’t feel excited when waking up, and you feel uninspired.

Perhaps you need to switch things up a bit, and in this article we are going to focus on a particular activity that might be the solution to this seemingly impossible problem, and it’s traveling.


  • Traveling will affect your personality

Our brains love what’s familiar, they dislike change. We are hardwired this way to insure our survival, however, when you put yourself in new situations, you adapt.

Traveling, especially in a foreign country, where you’re not familiar with the culture or the language, forces you to pay more attention to details, to appreciate the differences that might exist between the country you’re visiting and your own culture.

You encounter challenges that require you to think outside of the box, like wanting to go to a certain place and you don’t know the directions, so you try to describe what you want using hand gestures to explain where you want to go.


  • You learn to value experiences over materialistic stuff

A lot of the people around you might be chasing money , working as much as possible to save up for that brand new car , or house. These people forget how experiences matter much more and they’re what makes life worth living.

Once you climb to the top of a mountain and see what the view looks like , or experience wildlife from a close distance , or visit a place that is a couple of thousand years old ,you will feel like a completely different human being.

Put in the time and effort to create such memories and experiences for that will leave a beautiful  impact on your mind and soul. These are the magical moments that will be remembered for the rest of your life .


  • You become more social

Once you travel to a new place , you must meet , interact and talk to people you do not know, this forces you to be more social and outgoing. Also, this helps you form new friendships during this adventure.

You will also get better at asking questions , which will lead to having unique and memorable conversations that you will remember for a lifetime.


  • You learn to focus on the present

I think every single one of us at some point started overthinking a certain situation, problem or even, and people who overthink can be splot up into two categories:

Those who are living in the past and those living in the future.

The first kind are people who may be regretting something they did , or dosmthing they didn’t do. They feel regretful and always wonder what would have happened if the things were different back then.

On the other hand , there are people who are living in the future, and by that I mean that they are constantly paranoid , always planning everything to try and feel in control.

These two behaviors are not good for your mental state and overall well being, that’s why , when you travel , you learn to live in the present moment.

You learn to  pay attention to what you see ( the colors , the textures , the architecture ,etc. ) and to what you hear (  the sound of howling wind , the ocean waves or the noise of busy streets, etc.)

But most importantly , you learn how to unplug , and unwind, which is essential if you want to avoid being burnt out.



You should always be examining and observing your own mental and emotional processes, if you feel like you’re not performing at 100%, consider taking a few days off to go an adventure, it doesn’t have to be something over the top .

There are many ways to challenge yourself mentally and spiritually, traveling is one of many. You should always take care of your mental state, for it defines how you live.

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